The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

Living freely welcomes you to our blog.

If you’re here you’re probably extremely interested in changing the way you live. Or you’re extremely interested in reducing your waste, natural and environmentally friendly products, great tasting recipes, and everyday thoughts that wander around in your head.

Ok now let’s get down to the dirt and talk why living freely is created. Here are our top four important points that will help you understand what we are all about 🙂

  • Sustainable Living 
    Firstly, here at Living freely, we are major supporters of sustainable living. We love our earth and want what’s best for it. Therefore we encourage each and every one of you to start slowing to reduce your waste, even if it’s changing your Saturday morning coffee cup to a reusable one!

    Millions of people worldwide don’t realise the damage they are doing for the environment when they purchase or accept waste, such as a coffee cup or plastic bag. Yes, it’s quite easy to pack your grocery into a plastic bag and walk to your car without realising the damage. The impact of plastic bags not only has a major impact on the environment but also wildlife. Due to the growing problem thousands and thousands of wildlife are found dead due to ingested large amounts of plastic bag pieces. There are so many reasons why to ditch the plastic bag but there are so many people who don’t. It’s estimated that 500 billion plastic bags are used around the globe. So just imagine the effects in the years to come. Plastic bags are only the start of the issue, and with this blog together we can explore the dangers of other items and lifestyle causing turmoil to our environment.

  • Natural and environmentally friendly products

    Beauty and clothing brands seem like they have a hold over society. However, we here at Living Freely follow simple rules when purchasing products.

    Doesn’t test on Animals

    This is a major rule for us when purschasing products. We avoid using brands that test on animals due to the fact that its animal cruelty. Testing on Animals is an unnecessary process that doesn’t provide real information on how the product is going to perform on human skins. Therefore we highly recommend everyone to open up your eyes to the cruelty still happening and help end animal testing. I’m a big fan of the products from The Body Shop, and what makes us love them, even more, is that not only are they against animal testing, but also campaigning to end it!

    Natural Ingredients
    Everything we spray, rub, dab, brush on our skin gets dissolved into our bodies and bloodstream. So it’s crazy to think that some people just pick up a beauty brand and go without realising the chemical effects. Now, here at Living Freely we are no scientist, therefore we don’t want to promote a certain type of lifestyle is better than another, however, we are aiming for other to turn to natural products which are not only better for you but better for the earth (Double Win!)

  • Quick, easy, delicious tasting recipes.

    Living Freely loves food, maybe even a little too much. So every now and then, we would love to share our favourite foods of the year, month or even day. However, as much as we love food we are not the best chefs! So easy that don’t involve thousands of steps are our specialities.

    Please note we don’t promote a particular eating lifestyle, however, most of our recipes are vegan.

  • Thoughts, ideas, and advice

    Living Freely is promote ideas that help create a happy life. Therefore every now and then be prepared for a random post about life. Rather if it’s about changing up a routine, or advice to stop worrying about the little things in life, this is the blog to find it all.

That’s all we want to promote here at Living Freely, nothing but happiness, health and good vibes.

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